Whether you work in a studio or work in nature, Photographers have similar concerns....

Your Liability and Equipment

We have an insurance company that will cover both for under $50 a month!

At Tobey & Merrill Insurance, we have a conversation with our clients about their concerns in their business and tailor a policy for them.

Photography Insurance you can tailor if you want more Liability vs. Business Property. 

Highlights of this policy includes:

  • WORLD-WIDE coverage for Photographic Equipment*
  • Liability Coverage for  Advice or Instruction for Makeup Application or Hairstyling Services*
  • Liability Coverage for Failure to Deliver Photographic Product due to loss or damage to photographic film or electronic media*

Example Policy for a Photographer in the Seacoast NH/ME area:

  • Liability and Medical Expenses: $2,000,000 Per Occurence/ $4,000,000 per policy period
  • Business Personal Property (Replacement Cost):  $25,000
  • Photography specific endorsement including the world-wide photographic equipment coverage

Annual Premium of $500

*Please note that this is only a summary of insurance coverage. All policies have specific terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations. Please refer to the policy for a complete description of coverage*

Fill out the contact form below and reference Photography Business Insurance and a Tobey & Merrill Insurance Agent will reach out to you.